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November 22, 2021
Land Transport / Logistic
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E commercecargo is an international freight company established in 2010. E-Commerce Cargo was created to offer a niche service to the SME Business Circle which require a next-day secure delivery service to their clients across Europe and the UK. With the introduction of Brexit, we now have opened 2 large warehouse units in Co Cavan, Ireland & Derrylinn, Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland which operate as fast access to the UK & European Markets for our customers and also allow us to offer the best value & service in Secure Storage and next day delivery throughout the UK & Mainland Europe.

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Give them access to a good quality website that prominently displays   Ecommercecargo’s work the moment they do. In order to better reflect their status as a global corporation, we were also asked to update their logo to reflect their status as an international company.

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Our Solutions

By creating a new logo and using the new company colours throughout the new website, our branding team gave E-Commerce Cargo a fresh corporate identity. We chose a simple, visually appealing layout with a widescreen slideshow to draw users in. Calls to action that are obvious direct prospective customers to a contact form to create inquiries. Together with our photographer, we assisted E-Commerce Cargo in developing a distinctive, motivational site. Each visitor has immediate access to the most crucial information, such as partners and credentials, at first sight. As with all of our websites, every page was designed to be fully responsive to mobile devices to give users the best experience possible. utilizing social media.

We Delivered


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Ecommercecargo shrift samples


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